Central Florida Table Tennis Club
4141 N. John Young Parkway Orlando Fl 32804

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Items listed below are available at the club 

RDJ S2 Racket


Coach's Recommendation for beginners

"Good control and great for learning how to generate spin" -Coach Hung  

Timo Boll CF 1000 Racket


Coach's recommendation for players that like to attack often

  • The Timo Boll Carbon Fiber series from Butterfly is designed for the more serious recreational player
  • The Pan Asia rubber provides a good balance of speed and spin
  • The additional carbon fiber plies provides more consistent and powerful attacks

Racket Care Kit


  • KEEPS RUBBER TACKY: Specially formulated cleaner will help rejuvenate the rubber surface to its natural tacky state

  • SPONGE: Cleaning sponge offers a soft absorbent side and a very dense side that acts as a squeegee

  • CLEANER: Removes oil and dirt from the rubber surface of your racket to prolong the life of your table tennis rubber

Racket Case


Racket shaped case with padded front and back panels with zipper closure

Tenergy 05 rubber


"Coach Hung uses this for his racket!"

TENERGY 05 has a unique feeling using a combination of Spring Sponge technology, High Tension rubber and a tacky surface. It is excellent for imparting a great deal of spin on the ball. 05 in the name was adopted from Pimples Code No. 5. Tenergy 05 enables a full range of topspin play at or away from the table. It keeps its explosive power throughout the life of the rubber without the use of speed glue or boosting. Tenergy 05 is very popular among world-class table tennis players. European Champion Timo Boll uses Tenergy 05 on forehand and backhand.

Tenergy 80 rubber


  • Tenergy 80 is the ideal balance between spin and speed

  • Even faster than Tenergy 05 and offering the same speed as Tenergy 25

  • Tenergy 80 enables all-round topspin play, attack and counterattack regardless of your playing style

Butterfly shirts and shorts


  • various styles of Butterfly shirts and shorts

Nitaku 3 Stars Balls 

$4 for 1 or $11 for 3

Free Chack Rubber Glue


  • 100% liquidized 
  • Easy to remove from sponge and racket

Primorac Carbon Blade


  • "This is Coach Hung's blade!"

  • The Primorac Carbon blade features a combination of Carbon Fiber and Cypress layers perfect for power play.
  • One of our fastest and best selling carbon blades of all time

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