Central Florida Table Tennis Club
4141 N. John Young Parkway Orlando Fl 32804

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                            (4141 N. JOHN YOUNG PARKWAY, ORLANDO, FL 32804)

-TIME:  Tournament is on Dec 8th.

                            Saturday afternoon (1:00-4:30pm) -Check in and warm up time 12:45pm

-OBJECT:        All players

-PURPOSE:    Preparation for big tournament (in this tournament players do not get or loose points of USATT)

                            Selected players from each level will be make into CFTTC team to be ready for Club Champion of Florida Table Tennis Tournament.

-FORMAT:     Three divisions (round robin groups, Games to 11 points, best 3 of 5, pre-match warm up limited to 2 minutes)

-Single:                 - 1/ 1600 rating and up (No handicap game apply)

                                -  2/ 1100-1599 rating (Handicap games apply: 4 points maximum)

                               -  3/ under 1100 rating (Handicap games apply: 4 points maximum)

                                -  4/ Kid beginners (handicap game apply).

 -Double:                1/A team: Total USA rating is 4000 or up. B team: 3200-3999; C team: 2400-3199

D team: for beginning player or total USA rating under 2400.         


-EQUIPMENT: G40+mm Butterfly three star white Poly balls, USATT rules apply, shirts & shorts may not be white.

-AWARDS:   1st place. (If 5 players (teams) or under);

                            1st & 2nd (if 6 players (teams) or over);

                            1st, 2nd, 3rd (if 11 players (teams) or over)             

-Point system of the league tournament:

                    Start off points: Level 1 - 2000pts; Level 2-1500pts; Level 3-1000pts (+ kid)

                    Every game won +20pts

                    Every game lost   -10pts

                    End of Year Awards: Trophies and gifts for 1st, 2nd place and 3rd place for each level on the point system at the end of the year (only count for players who played at least 3 tournaments throughout the year)


-FEE:  SINGLE   -Member $17 /Player Direct Deposit to Hung Tran, (Cash only)

                               -Non-member $20/Player

            DOUBLE - Member $30 /Team 

                               -Non-member $36/Team (Non-Member + Member = $28/per team)

          *Players who join both single and double will get $3 discount on both*


-REGISTRATION: Coach Hung at 407-803-1999, email [email protected] (include full name and current rating)


-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 9:00 pm Friday before the tournament day

Tournament Director: Coach Hung Tran

Referee-umpire: Adam Johnson, Thinh Tran & Hung Jr.


Sponsored by:     Butterfly