Central Florida Table Tennis Club
4141 N. John Young Parkway Orlando Fl 32804

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Coach Hung have had over 30 years of coaching experience and played table tennis his whole life. Growing up in Viet Nam, he was fascinated the first time he saw professional players playing in a table tennis club. Over the years, table tennis became his passion as he worked hard in many jobs as a teenager just to make enough money to support his family and be able to buy appropriate equipment to play table tennis. Knowing that he wanted to teach and coach others, Coach Hung then got a sports degree from one of the top university and even went to China numerous of times to better understand and improve his coaching techniques. Certified  by the International Olympic Committee,    ITTF, USATT, and combined with all the experience he obtained, his students was able to make it to the national team and even become national champions. Many of them who remained in Viet Nam today had become respected players and national coaches all over the country. Coach Hung always thrive for a better table tennis future for his students and players all around him!

Phone: 407-803-1999

Email: [email protected]

*Students get a discount; ask coach for more info

Kid (under 15 yrs old)

(Beginners Only)

Group Training 

(only active with 3 students or more)

$20/an hour per student

Duo lessons (2 students)

$30/hour per student

Mon, Weds, Fri

6-7pm or 7-8pm


1-5 pm

Private Lesson


All levels

Pay in ADVANCE of 4 hours or more of hard schedule and get 

%5 OFF 

3 month expiration

Kids: $55/hr

(Under 15 yrs old Beginners Only)

 2 Kids: $60/hr

(Under 15 yrs old Beginners Only)  Pay 10 hrs in ADVANCE of flexible schedule 
and get
an extra free session

6 months expiration

PAY 10 get 11 sessions! 

Walk In Discount ($10 Off entry fee)

NO ENTRY FEE on the day the student take a lesson!

- If you are planning to buy a new racket/paddle, just come to the club and we can give you our professional recommendations and suggestions that best fit your style and budget. Our wide range of paddles and rubbers for sale will guaranty that you will leave with a suitable and comfortable paddle!  


Do you despise pips and automatically lose whenever you encounter an opponent with one? Therefore you just want to understand how they work and play against it better? Coach Hung can help you develop a clearer understanding that make you glad to play against it in the future. He had help many students who have severe difficulties and had totally changed their outlook and can change yours too.