Central Florida Table Tennis Club
4141 N. John Young Parkway Orlando Fl 32804

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How the club works: Sign-up system and open for all players

After paying for club entry fees:

       1. If there is empty table, you can just ask any other players sitting outside playing area to play with you. Each table will have 20 minutes of practicing, or play game best out of 5.

       2. When there are no empty tables, there will be three black boards on the wall across the waiting area. On the black boards, there will be numbers corresponding to the table numbers, pick a table you want to play on and put your name under that number on the board. You MUST letting that table know that you are waiting if you are next. After they finished playing best out of five games, winner will stay and loser will switch out to the next player on the board

Club Fees and Rules

  • New players should bring their own paddles and balls.
  • Beginner paddles are available to rent at $2 each a night.
  • Help setting up and clean up anyway you can

  1. If no one is waiting on your table, you can do what you want!
  2. Only warm up for 4-5 minutes then start the game if someone is waiting on your table.
  3. You must check the board for next players after every game.
  4. You can practice on an empty table while waiting your turn, but do not practice on table 1-7.
  5. Instead of playing a game, you can practice for 20 minutes but you must write the start time on the board.
  6. When you put your name on the table, let them know you are waiting! If not, they will practice forever!
  7. Please cross out your name before you go to the table. Thank you so much.
  8. If winner of the table does not want to play with the next player in queue, winner must step out of the table and giving their place to the next player in queue.
  9. If you wish to play doubles, find a partner!
  10. ONLY IF REQUESTED: 3 consecutive wins player must step down and allow the next 2 people on the board to play.
  11. Games are play to 11 points and best out of 5.


Thank You for your cooperation and HAVE FUN!

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